Below are the uploaded photos from the 2016 Cherry Festival Attendee’s

For those who attended there is a Photo Competition to win one of two terrific Photo Books:

  1. 1. “Food of the Southern Forests” - By Zophie Zalokar - Photography by Craig Kinder

  2. 2. “Fragile” - By Steve Fraser


1st - Alex Nesbitt - Rockingham Photography Club - “Cherries & Tree”

2nd - Merrelyn Hunter - Rockingham Photography Club - “A Ball of Cherries”

2016 Cherry Festival - Manjimup - Uploaded Photos

Photos are copyright to the owners - images are not to be used without express permission of the WAPF.

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Photo: Kingsley Klau - AIPP

Merrelyn Hunter - RPC - Picks up her 2nd Place Prize...