2017 - WAPF Affiliated Camera Clubs - BOOK

“Snapshot” of WAPF Camera Clubs as of the end of 2016


2017 is an important year for Camera Clubs in Western Australia.

On the 22nd of June 1917, the Western Australian Camera Club (WACC) was formed - being the first Camera Club in the state.

On the 25th of July 1917, Nikon the Company was formed - so is also their 100 Years of operation.  Here is LINK to Nikon’s history.

To celebrate these important dates, the WACC will host the Annual WAPF InterClub Event, along with many other events tuned into this important year. Nikon will also be strongly involved as a Sponsor.

To deliver an historical document, it has been decided to create a Coffee Table Book, showcasing WAPF Affiliated Camera Clubs at the end of 2016 for release in the first half of 2017 and provide and visual and worded ‘snapshot’ of Clubs at this point.

All Affiliated WAPF Camera Clubs as of July 2016 are invited to participate, and is hoped all Clubs can contribute.


  1. A PhotoBook dedicated to the Year 2017 with 2 Pages dedicated to each WAPF Affiliated Camera Club as of December 2016.

What Size will the Book Be:

  1. The book will be a Landscape Style with a Printed Cover of 27 x 22cm in size.

When will it be released:

  1. A new release date to be planned - we will keep you informed.

When do the Clubs need to have their Content:

  1. The Clubs need to have the content in by Midnight - Sunday, 30th of April, 2017

What other consideration is there:

  1. The Club should indicate to their members that their names will be published in the book and will have some public view-ability. If members are not happy with this, their names need not be provided.  This approach is inline with new policies of privacy and awareness.

Can we supply different size ratio images to that requested:

  1. NO - for uniformity and to allow the designer to complete the project on time, it is imperative the Clubs stick to the planned layout, sizing and content.  Anything differing will vastly complicate the process and deliver a less than fair content for each club.  We really appreciate your clubs effort here.

What will the books cost and will each Club get one:

  1. It is intended that the 1 book will be available for each Club at no cost.  Others will be available for sale online.

What is the layout:

  1. Below is the layout, based on 2 pages.  The example is of the Rockingham Photography Club, however layout remains the same for each club.  This content was created as an example only and is not the final content for this club.

Who do I contact for questions / challenges:

  1. The WAPF President - Kingsley Klau.  LINK to his email - 0417 928 679

Page Numbers will not be added...

If the Club has a logo - please upload via the online form - if no Logo, we will simply use the Club Name

This Text content is up to 160 Words (similar to shown) and you will not be able to upload any more that that.

It is a summary of your Club / Historical to today.

Grab a Photo of your Clubs Meeting location.

Image Cropped to 12cm x 6cm

Current information of your Clubs Meeting Address / Times etc

Grab a Photo of your Club Members -

Organise at a Club Meeting?

Photo Size Cropped to 25cm x 14cm

List of your Clubs Members as at 1st of December, 2016


  1. 1.List of Committee

  2. 2.List of Life Members

  3. 3.List of Members

None of this Red Text will be shown

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Sunday 12th March, 2017

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