Below are links to WAPF Documents, Supporting (Sponsors) Businesses and Other Clubs / Organisations.

Download-able Documents - Links:

AGM Minutes - WAPF 2013 - Click LINK to download the document.

Annual Club Affiliation Fees - go to this LINK to pay those fee’s

Competition Mattes - Go to this LINK to bring up information about Inter-Club Competition Mattes

Constitution - WAPF - (the Legal Stuff!!) - The Constitution (re-written - 2012).  Click HERE to upload the document.

Conventions History - Click HERE to see the locations and the clubs who have hosted in the past.

Gold-Silver-Bronze judging system - Guide to the current adopted by many clubs...  Click HERE for the information.

Insurance Policy - WAPF Affiliated - CLICK 2017-18 WAPF Inc Certificate of Currency.pdf to download / view Certificate of Currency

Judging - Click HERE to email the WAPF Secretary regarding finding suitable judges for your club.

Legal Advice - Photography - go to the Australia Arts Legal Website - via this LINK

New Club - Click Creating a Club-Quick Guide.pdf for a two page ‘Creating a Club - Quick Guide’.  A full guide soon...

Presidents Report - Read the latest (and other) President Reports from this LINK.  The President is required to provide a report at every Committee Meeting, and the AGM.

Resize images for Digital and ClickWest photo Competitions - Click on this LINK to bring up a PDF explaining.

Treasurers Report - Noting that this webpage is open to the public, those WAPF Affiliated Club Members who would like to view the current Treasurers Report can email to request this.  Go to Contact Committee Page to see the contact details for the Treasurer..

Website - Building a - Click HERE to bring info on how to build a website for your club...(via Wordpress).

Website - Building a - Click HERE to bring info about Joomla - a Dynamic Website with online applications (upload images etc)

Club Sponsors / Supporting Businesses: - Support these business’s as they support the WAPF - in alphabetical order...

Camera Electronic & Shoot Photography Courses

Kimberly Expeditions


Team Digital

Camera Information: If you want to keep up-to-date with camera technology, new equipment, these sites and suppliers are about the best.

Digital Camera Review

Photography Blog

Nikon Life - A tremendous interactive site for Nikon owners.

World of EOS - Canon (Photography) Academy

Suppliers Links: - These suppliers provide discounts to WAPF Affiliated Camera Club Members.

Hartland Camera Repairs - Sole WA Authorised Camera Repairer for Nikon Cameras.  Hartlands offer 10% off for all club members.

Fitzgeralds - Supplier of Competition Mattes (and more) for Inter-Club and other Competition Mattes for purchase. - Go to this LINK to see Fitzgeralds latest offer for competition mattes...

Website Links: - Other National Clubs:

AUS -  Australian Photographic Society

ACT -  Canberra Photographic Society  (This link is not to a Group of Clubs - ACT does not appear to have a collective body)

NSW - Federation of Camera Clubs - NSW - Inc

NT -    Darwin Camera Club  (This link is not to a Group of Clubs - NT does not appear to have a collective body)

QLD -  Photographic Society of Queensland

SA -    South Australian Photographic Federations

TAS -  Tasmania Photography Federation 

VIC -   Victorian Association of Photographic Societies

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