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Presentation event May 18th

ClickWest 2019 Judges

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 Jackie Ranken



Nick Meladonis

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 Vittorio Natoli

BIO Shot Vittorio Natoli


2018 ClickWest

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1st - Jason Matz -GEM

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Photography Competition

The goal of ClickWest is to recognise and celebrate diversity across various genres of photography and to identify and reward individuals who have excelled across multiple genres through the portfolio prize.

ClickWest is our premier competition open only to individual members of our Clubs and there has been a significant prize pool.

If you need more information about the competition process, the topics or if you need help submitting your entry, please call Denise  on 0408 882 174. 

There are four categories in the competition and within each category; there is a set topic, with a refined description. Please ensure that you consider the descriptions carefully as images that do not comply with the objective may be disqualified.

Landscape Category
Topic - After Sunset, Before Sunrise
Definition - “An image about an environment, natural or manmade, captured after the sun has set or before it has risen.  A portion of the sky must be visible in the image.  People and/or animals may be included but must not be the subject or dominate the scene."

Monochromatic Category
Topic - Solitude
Definition - “An image that gives the viewer the impression of being the only person in an environment.  The environment can be manmade or natural.  No people to be included in  the image."

Portraiture Category
Topic - Relationships
Definition - “An image about the relationship between 2 or more people, a person/s and an animal, or a person and an object."

Close Up Category
Topic - Inorganic
Definition - “An image which displays detail not usually observable by the human eye of an inorganic subject."

Note - Inorganic materials are generally derived from non-living sources, such as rocks or minerals.   To assist in finding potential subjects for this competition, in addition to the more obvious geological forms in nature, consider detailed observations of, for example, concrete, rust, metals, glass, ceramics.  


ClickWest Competition Rules 2019

Like all of our competitions, entries to ClickWest must comply with our Core Rules, in addition to those listed below.  To access the WAPF Core Rules click here 

Plus the following competition specific rules

  1. Maximum 2 entries per category. A portfolio is created when you enter an image in each of the 4 categories

    • The portfolio prize points will be taken from the highest scoring image by the competitor in each of the 4 Categories regardless of the order of entry.  If a second portfolio is created, the lower scores in each category will be applied.
  2. The image files must be correctly labeled in the following format

    • Entrant’s first name, surname, image title, and category. For example, Joe_Citizen_Cable_Beach_Landscape
    • Each word is to be separated by an underscore
    • The category cannot be used as the title
    • To ensure consistency the category is to be exclusively recorded as


  3. By entering the Competition, you will be required to acknowledge that you have read and understand the rules of this competition and warrant that:

    • The entry is your original work; 
    • All details provided with the entry are true and accurate;
    • You have all necessary rights and authorities to grant WAPF the rights to use my images as outlined in the Conditions of Entry;
    • Use of the entry by WAPF, in accordance with the Conditions of Entry, will not infringe the rights of any third party;
  4. Entries close midnight 31 March 2019

  5. Payment must be made by PayPal at the time the entry is submitted.  The fee for 2019 
    • 1 image           $30
    • 2 images         $45
    • 3 images         $57
    • 4 images         $65
    • 5 images         $95
    • 6 images         $110
    • 7 images         $122
    • 8 images         $130

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