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Alex Cearns is known for her pet, animal, and wildlife photography.
She is the founder of Houndstooth Studio and has won more than 200 awards for her animal photography, including the Best Canine Photographer in Australia in 2011 and 2013.
She is the official photographer for the RSPCA Western Australia and has been featured in numerous books and magazines as well as the television show The Couch.

‘Dogs Today Magazine’ in the United Kingdom proclaimed our photographer Alex Cearns to be “one of the greatest dog photographers in the world”. That she is, and so much more.

With the magic of her camera, she has the uncanny ability to see into their souls and capture their visual language. By telling her eloquent photographic stories, Alex lovingly shows that the separation between us and our animal friends is very slim. She reminds us to enjoy, rejoice and empathise with every beloved pet and extraordinary sentient being that shares our precious planet.

What is it about Alex that gives her this unique ability? Perhaps the answer lies in her childhood. Alex grew up in the country surrounded by dogs, orphaned bottle-fed lambs, rescued joeys, rabbits and reptiles. Any creature in need of rehabilitation was welcome in Alex’s world, and offered a safe haven in her family’s kitchen. Animals became her best friends and she developed a magical way to communicate with them, something she carries through today.



Hugh Brown is a documentary photographer based in Australia. He has devoted his working life to capturing aspects of our world that are rapidly changing, everything from industries to towns, landscapes and people.

Hugh has worked in some of the most challenging parts of the world photographing both small-scale artisanal and modern, large-scale mining operations.

In Australia, Hugh has a special passion for capturing Western Australia’s Pilbara and Kimberley regions. He has been photographing the enormous change that has occurred in Western Australia’s far north over the past 18 years.

Hugh has produced seven large format photographic art books and has exhibited internationally in Africa and China.”



Facebook: HUGHBROWN009

With a successful career spanning 35 years, Vittorio is well-renowned for his achievements not only as a photographer winning multiple state and national awards but also as an entrepreneurial businessman opening his first wedding and portrait studio in Sydney in 1983.

Today, he is best known as the Australian National President of the AIPP and founder of Australian brand, Viva Photography that he started in 1991 from humble beginnings. Viva is Australia’s premium Wedding and Portrait photography franchise with 10 studios nationwide both in WA and Victoria.

As former president of the WAAIPP, Vittorio is a Grand Master Photographer and has won numerous photographic awards over the years including 1998 WA Wedding Photographer of the Year, 2003 WA Wedding Photographer of the Year, 2005 Wedding Contemporary Photographer of the Year, 2007 WA Illustrative Photographer of the Year and in 2012 WA Landscape Photographer of the Year and WA Photographer of the Year.

Viva Photographers collectively have won over 150 AIPP awards. Viva Photography specialises in natural, art inspired portrait photography for families, children, newborns, couples, individuals, nudes, pets and weddings.



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