Meets , 1st Wednesday of the month 7:30pm

Meeting Location , Sealanes Building (71 Richardson Street Port Hedland WA 6721)

Best Contact , President, Craig Rowles   0412 243 582

Club Mailing address, PO Box 2958, South Hedland, 6722

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Notes :

Hedland Camera Club was established in 2014 by Rebecca Morrison and aims to provide an opportunity for interested community members to come together regularly to share, develop and learn new photographic skills in the Hedland and surrounding areas.

This club is for everyone with a common interest in photography at all levels, to come together and learn from each other in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

If you are planning a Pilbara/Kimberley trip and are able to stop in, please don't hesitate to contact myself or the Club through our facebook page. We would love to arrange a catch up, a workshop or a group outing with our local members to show you around a bit.

We look forward to meeting you. Our contact information is above.

Craig Rowles

Hedland Camera Club