hi-res-logoMeets , Opening time: 6:30 pm - Prints must be submitted by 6:50pm sharp - Every Second Wednesday of the Month.

Meeting Location ,  Lions Club Den, 95 Park Road, Mandurah 6210

Best Contact , John 0407 192 457 if unavailable - contact via the email President@MandurahPhotography.Club   

Club Mailing address, PO Box 1270, Mandurah, 6210

Club Website http://mandurahphotography.club/index.php


Club Face Book page https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=mandurah%20photography%20club%20inc

Email - info@mandurahphotography.club

Notes :Club activities include:


  1. •Digital and print image appraisal by qualified judges

  2. Inter-club competition with other camera clubs in Western Australia

  3. Presentations by leading photographers and members of the photographic community

  4. Regular photographic skills-building workshops and location shoots

  5. Weekend photo excursions to scenic locations outside our local region



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