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  1. • A participation event celebrating photography through time.     

  2. • Exhibited at the Fremantle Maritime Museum.

  3. • Theme: ‘Journeys’ - Images depicting a journey through time.

  4. • 50 images will be selected from digital entries.

  5. • People’s Choice Award - Donated by Nikon and presented on completion of exhibition.

  6. • Exhibition space donated by the Fremantle Maritime Museum


Exhibition is open from 1st July to 28th August, 2017

Note: There is a entry fee to the Fremantle Museum to view the Exhibition - and the remainder of the Museum

Upstairs (Lesure Gallery Vewing Platform - WA Maritime Museum - Fremantle (Museum Entry Fee applies)  - VOTE on the best image...



10th April 2017  - Entries open 

28th May 2017  - Midnight, Sunday  - Digital entries close

4th June 2017   - Final selection announced and advised

11th June 2017 - High resolution selected images to be uploaded with payment of $25.00 per image for printing and matting.

1st July 2017 - 28th August 2017 - Open to the Public - 

On completion of Exhibition - (Date TBC) - the Nikon D7500 and 50mm 1.8G Lens will be presented to the Winner of 'Peoples Choice'

Foot-note: once exhibition completed  - the printed images will become the property of the authors (we will let you know...).


  1. 1.  The initial digital upload dimensions are to be standard WAPF dimensions:
    File format is to be JPEG - sRGB Colour Space.
    Initial image: *No more than 1920 pixels WIDE and no more than 1080 pixels HIGH*

  2.        If selected for the exhibition, entrants will be required to upload by 11 June 2017 a high resolution file as requested for printing and matting (black 500w x 400h). Images will be printed at Fitzgeralds :
    High Res image requirements: 300 ppi with a minimum of 3600 pixels on the long edge, sRGB

  3. 2.  Up to 3 entries per person.

  4. 3.  All photography and artwork (post processing) must wholly be the work of only the entrant.

  5. 4.  Only open to financial members of WAPF Affiliated Camera Clubs.

  6. 5.  There is no date restriction on when the images were captured.

  7. 6.  Images cannot have been previously entered into any WAPF Competition of any year, other than club level.

  8. 7.  You agree to pay $25.00 for printing and matting per selected image - managed exclusively by the WAPF, printed by Fitzgeralds.  

  9. 8.  The Peoples Choice Prize must be taken as provided.  Supplied by Nikon Australia, the prize cannot be requested to be swapped with other Nikon equipment, nor can the prize winner request a payment in lieu.


PRIZE for 'People's Choice' is the amazing Nikon D7500 with a Nikkor 50mm 1.8G Lens

Valued at $2478.00 

Dontated by Nikon Australia









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