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Project 52 x 2 is a WAPF project to challenge the individual members of your club.

Project 52 x 2 will require you to actively shoot every week for a year and to put those images into print by producing a Photobook.

It is called 52 x 2, as one image is to be a colour image, and one a monochrome.

By undertaking this project you are indeed on the road to learning more photographically - as well, it will be a testament of your commitment to complete a task through to the end. You will achieve a great deal of satisfaction and worthy recognition.

The project is a little unique, as it requires you to produce both a colour and monochromatic image each week. Mono images are a challenge for many photographers, so you will get a lot of practice during the course of the year and there is no better way to improve or learn new skills.

As there is an outlay of money, you will certainly be more motivated to complete the task. In addition you will complete and receive a quality Photo Book with the images you take. It will essentially become a ‘Year Book’. You also have the satisfaction of supporting your photography club, enhancing the club’s financial status.

In addition to taking more photos you will learn how to file and manage images constructively, create a Photo Book and appreciate the beauty of life.

Rules / Advice - the small print and information.

  • To join this project simply choose a start date, complete the application and make payment to the WAPF Treasurer within 30 days of the date you have nominated of YOUR start date.
  • The cost of participating is $105.22. Your club will receive an incentive payment of $30 for its involvement and on completion of the project and presentation of your book to your club, you will receive a refund of $70 to subsidise the printing of your book. Photobooks can be created in a program of your choice and there are many to choose from, such as Canon Photo Pico, Blurb, Momento, Photos App (on Apple) to name a few.
  • Once ‘committed’ you cannot miss a week, though your photos can be taken on any day during that week. (It’s possibly best to choose a Sunday as your starting date as it will be easier to keep track of calendar weeks). The mono and colour photos you take each week do not have to be taken on the same day.
  • Rather than waiting until you have finished the year, it is best to download / activate your Photobook software and start creating your book from the day you nominate. It is the recommended way to do it. As you take the photos, process the images, and interact with the book software, you will become more proficient. It is also a good way to follow your progress.
  • When you have completed your 12 months, and before ordering your book, you must ‘prove’ your completed shots by presenting them with the metadata to your club
  • The PhotoBook must be named 52 x 2 - (My Name) and be shown to committee once completed to attain your certificate of completion and refund of $70 from WAPF.
  • Project 52 x 2 is only available in this format to members of WAPF Affiliated Clubs.
  • The PhotoBook related to this competition must be completed within 90 days of the completion date of your nomination.
  • Click HERE when you have completed your book to request a refund from WAPF to the value of $70.00, noting the above rules...