ClickWest 2018

These five galleries showcase the finalist images from the 2018 ClickWest Competition.  Hover over the image to see the photographe's name, the title of the image and the club.  Click to see the complete picture and a slideshow.

Portfolio - photographers with the highest scored collection of images from each of the 4 categories. 

Closeup - A photograph of any subject from the animal kingdom (exlucding humans).  May be the whole of a very small animal or a detailed portion of a larger animal so that the resultant image appears to be larger than life size.

Landscape - An image that depicts a natural environment.  People, animals and/or manmade objects or structures can be included but must not be the subject or dominate the image.  

Mono - An image about an exterior spaice in a town or a cuty, that includes at least one person or anmal and/or features an indication of man's active presence.  Evidence of the urban environment must be clearly shown in the image. 

Portrait - An image of a person or roup of people that captures the personaility of the subject(s).