Meets , 3rd Wednesday of each month

Meeting Location , Mary Davies Library, Baldivis

Best Contact , Isabella Matthews 0439389992

Club Mailing address, 10 Alcazar Avenue Port Kennedy 6172

Club Website , coming soon

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Notes :The Creative Photography Club WA is a group of like-minded photographers aiming to promote the photographic art and learn through training and sharing in a positive community.


The emphasis in our club is to concentrate on training both from within our membership and the wider photographic arena.


We are very supportive of competition entry and hold targeted critique sessions to help guide member’s entry selection but, whilst we do encourage competition entry, we do not pressurise anyone to do so.


We do not hold an internal club competition as we feel it can be demoralising for some and does not increase comradery. A regular critique spot within our meetings is held where each member submits a single image for honest feedback. This will be conducted under the auspices of the WAPJA.


Baldivis Creative Photography Club Map