Meets , Mondays at 7pm
Next Meets  Monday 18th January                                   Themes- Birdlife, Rule of Thirds B+W and Abstract
                     Monday 22nd February                                 Themes- Negative space, Fitness/Athletic and Open
                     Monday 29th March                                      Themes- Stairs/Staircases, Painting with light and Street Photography
                     Monday 26th April                                         Themes- Portrait (Feminine/Masculine), Bicycle and Open
                     Monday 31st May                                          Themes- Landscape Panorama, Triptych Documentary and Emotion (Joy and Happiness)
                     Monday 28th June                                         Themes- Symmetrical or Symmetry, Rule of ODDs and Black and White
                     Monday 26th July                                           Themes- to be developed 21/22 syllabus
                     Monday 3oth August
                     Monday 27th September
                     Monday 25th October
                     Monday 29th November (Last for 2021)

Meeting Location , South Perth Library Mopoke room @ 7pm

Best Contact , Dale Lucy

Club Mailing address, 48 B Balmoral Street. East Victoria Park, 6101

Club Website , Click Here

Facebook Page, Click Here

Email - ,  Click Here

Notes :- We are a social group camera club in our first year
We have 3 monthly topics for submission for the more active budding photographer. Submit 1 or all 3. Submitting is optional.
We endevour to help grow our skills and understanding of the camera we have. 
Generally the catagories chosen ideally include
A Fundamental topic basics, eg High key, Low key, HDR, Depth of field Leading Line, Panning, Bokeh ect
A creative or out of the box, eg Emotion, Sense of rejection, Anger, Triptych, Wrinkled and weathered portrait ect and
A Standard topic like Landscapes, Birdlife, Seacapes, Open, Patterns and textures, Architecture ect

If this sounds interesting or different to others and you would like to check us out, join us as a member, your most welcome to visit
As the first meet is a free meet, and your welcome to submit for the meet and your submission will be critiqued on the next months meet.

Thank you
Dale Lucy 
Guardian of South Perth Camera Club

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