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Meets , Various locations during walkabouts

Meeting Location , anywhere in Australia

Best Contact , Chair Ric McDonald 0429 080 444

Club Mailing address, 151 Pomeroy Rd Walliaton 6076

Club Website , www.walkaboutphoto.club

Facebook Page, Walkabout Photo Club

Email - , Chair

Notes :-

The Walkabout Photo Club Inc is for anyone who enjoys travel and taking photos.
The Club has no geographic boundaries, anyone anywhere who enjoys Travel, Camping and Photography may join.
Walkabout Photo Club plan to go on outings from 1 day through to 4 to 6 weeks at various times throughout the year.
Walkabout Photo Club is not designed to be a traditional camera club but fills a niche that is not currently fully addressed, its members enjoy travel and camping sometimes off road by 4WD into remote locations but also easy sedan type trips to different locations.
Walkabout Photo Club is not intended to be in competition with traditional Camera clubs but as well as, Many members will be members of both.


Walkabout Photo Club suits all levels of photographers, in fact, any camera will do, you don’t need a top end camera, in fact, a smart phone will do or if you just love going to great locations then this club could be for you.


All members are invited to plan and lead excursions. Just plan a trip and invite other members to join you, the club can promote it to our members.


In a nutshell

Walkabout Photo Club is for anyone

Walkabout Photo Club members are all willing to help any other member with

  • 4WD questions
  • Camera questions
  • Camping questions
  • Image post production questions
  • It is a club whose ethos is helping others to enjoy travelling and or photography