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Entries to this competition can only be submitted and managed by a club. If you have any questions or if you need assistance with entries please contact the PrintWest Competition Coordinator, BEFORE you submit your entry.


18 June 2021 - Entries Open
2 July 2021 - (midnight) Closing date Club’s digital entries - no late entries accepted
30 July 2021 - Clubs will be informed of acceptances for ROUND 2
6 August 2021 - Last day files will be accepted by Fitzgerald Photo Imaging (if preferred printer choice)
20 August 2021 - Closing date for delivery of Prints (see email for mailing/delivery address)
3 September 2021 - Prints will be hung at the WAPF PhotoWest event in Northam
4 September 2021 - Winners announced at the PhotoWest event dinner


PrintWest Competition Rules

There are 2 competitions, one for Monochromatic images the other for Colour images. There is no defined subject, the choice of subject is at the photographer’s discretion.

In addition to the WAPF Core Competition Rules, (Click Here to read those rules), the following specific rules apply.

  1. A club can enter a maximum of 15 images in EACH competition.
  2. Entries per person for EACH competition is limited by the total number of members in a club as follows:
    • 3 entries per person for clubs with 40 or fewer members
    • 2 entries per person for clubs with 41 or more members.
  3. Individuals affiliated with more than one club can only enter once.  The individual must choose a club to represent.
  4. The acceptable date range for 2021 competition is 3 July 2019 to 2 July 2021.
  5. The cost of participation is $2 per digital image.

    Round 1 - Digital Entries 
    The image files must be correctly labelled for each competition
    • Category (c = colour, m = mono)
    • Club Code (refer to list for your specific club code)
    • Entrant’s first name and surname (in that order)
    • Image title
    • Category, Club Code, Entrants Name and Image Title are to be separated by an underscore
    • Entrants first name and surname are to be separated by a space
    • Words in image title are to be separated by spaces
    • A category or the competition name cannot be used as the title
    • For Example:

Colour: c_ClubCode_FirstName Surname_Image Title.jpg

Monochromatic: m_ClubCode_ FirstName Surname _Image Title.jpg

Round 2 - Printed Images
Images are destined to be critically appraised by judges and hung in the exhibition. They need to be light and compact for ease of transportation and display, of a standard size and format for ease of handling and judging and be of materials that will not damage other entries. Furthermore, as judges, peers and the public will view images, both the content and the presentation must be of a high standard. With these requirements in mind, the following rules apply

  1. Prints must be flush mounted on a single board or matted behind a window mount
  2. A window mount matte must be black or white
  3. The external size of the mount must be 40cm x 50cm
  4. The window mount matte and backing board must be the same size
  5. The maximum thickness of the matte, print and backing is 5mm
  6. The maximum visible print size is 40cm x 50cm
  7. The minimum visible print size is 400cm2
  8. All prints and mounts must be affixed permanently using methods and materials that are proven for long term adhesion. Prints that slip on the mount may be excluded from judging or removed from the exhibition.
  9. The matte and backing must be free of hooks, velcro, glue or sticky residue.
  10. Taping of matte edges is not acceptable.
  11. The print is to be labelled on the BACK, TOP LEFT, with the club, title, and photographers name (The label must contain the same detail as the digital entry)

The Club Representative will be notified of Acceptances for Round 2, by 30 July 2021.

  1. The Club Representative must submit ONE entry of Prints.  (Prints will not be accepted from individual members). 
  2. In addition to the Prints, the Club Representative must include a document listing the prints enclosed so that they can be checked when received, a reply paid post, or phone number of the person who will be responsible for pickup. 
  3. It is the Club’s responsibility to have the prints delivered to the PrintWest Competition Coordinator in time, late entries cannot be accepted.  Prints can be mailed or delivered in person by the Club Representative. The postal address will be emailed to the Club Representitive.
  4. The closing date for the receipt of Prints is 20 August 2021. Please email the PrintWest Competition Coordinator to make an appointment if hand delivering prints.
  5. Prints will be returned to the Club Representative no later than 14 February 2022, unless alternate arrangements have been made with the Competition Coordinator for pickup.
  6. The WAPF will take all care to protect and handle the images, however, cannot be held liable for loss or damage of prints during the process of the event and judging, nor the ensuing safe return.
  7. Images not collected or where no pre-paid post arrangements have been made will be destroyed after 15 February 2022.






$45.00 per entry Cotton Rag, matted black or white, 3mm foam backed

$35.00 per entry Smooth Pearl, matted black or white, 3mm foam backed

Clubs are offered a choice of mat colours (Black or White) 

Individual clubs to be invoiced.

Prints can be collected by the PrintWest CD for Round 2 Judging (please specify on Label Document)

Camera Clubs submit files directly to Fitzgerald's for printing (including electronic copy of Label Document) by 6 August 2021. No late orders will be accepted.



Entry Form Links: 





Club Codes
Please use the following as your Club Code when naming your images:


Ace Camera Club


Albany Photographic Society


Belmont Camera Club


Beverley Photography Group


Bridgetown Camera Club


Busselton Camera Club


Photography Group of Bunbury 


Baldivis Creative Photography Club WA Inc 


Esperance Photographers Club


Foothills Camera Club


Fremantle Camera Club


Gem Camera Club


Geographe Photographic Group


Geraldton Camera Club


Hedland Camera Club


Jurien Bay Camera Club


Mandurah Camera Club


Manjimup Photo Club


Margaret River Camera Club


Melville Camera Club


Merredin Camera Club


Mundaring Camera Club


Northam Photography Group


Northern Exposure Photographers Group


Peel Photographic Group


Pin Sharp Camera Club


Quairading Photo Club


Rockingham Photography Club


South Perth Camera Club


Southern Forests Photography Club


Southern Exposure Photography Group


Swan Valley Camera Club 


The Aperture Group


Western Australia Underwater Photographic Society


Wagin Camera Club


Western Australia Camera Club


Westside Photography Club


Workshop Camera Club 


Walkabout Photo Club