Nikon were the major sponsors for this annual event and have combined with Camera Electronic, Team Digital, Epson, WAPF and our hosts - the Merredin Camera Club to bring a dynamic weekend of events and photo / filming opportunities...

Guest Speakers Everlook Photographers - Marianne & Dylan camo over  from South Australia to present and demonstrate their amazing photography...

Ozlight Junkies will amazed us with their night light demonstration

Included in this event were the following competitions:

WAPF Inter-Club Print Competition - 

Jean Clayton - ‘Against the Light’ Digital Photo Competition

WAPF Underwater Photo Competition - NEW to WAPF

WAPF Nikon Film Festival - 

Merredin Camera Club chose the August weekend as the best time to visit this wonderful location.  Wildflowers abound, fields green with crops and canola fields.  Add in some history at the railway station, WWII Bunkers in paddocks and superb country hospitality, great food and you have a great weekend .