Each Year the WAPF have an Event , usually hosted by a club affilliated with the WAPF

51 events have been held between 1966 and 2017 Click here for a pdf showing the locations of all past events

In receint times these events are host to the WAPF interclub competition


Busselton 2016

WAPFPullUpBanner BusseltonFive PROOFv2

Merredin 2013

WAPFPulUpBanner Merredin

WA Camera Club 100 Years 2017

WAPFPullUpBanner 100years PROOFv2-small file2

Mandurah 2014

WAPFPullUpBanner MandurahPelicans

Albany 2015

WAPFPullUpBanner Albany

Beverley 2018

Beverley web size